Tag:World Series
Posted on: June 27, 2008 8:56 am

Is the Subway Series a big deal?

Not to me!

I am going to the game today but to me its just another game. Its not crosstown bragging rights or anything like that, its just Yankees/Mets. Its apparently vital to a lot of fans but not to me. It doesnt mean jack shit to me as long as I go to the Stadium, eat a hot dog , drink some lemonade, and watch the Yankees win!

Plus we officially ended any debate in who wins in the rivalry in 2000 when we beat them in 5 to win our 3rd straight title, 4th in 5 years, and continued the dynasty.

That pretty much ended any debate. The Yankees are better than the Mets and will be until they beat US in the World Series...its just another game to me.
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