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Posted on: July 12, 2008 4:07 pm

How will the New York Jets do this season???

I AM a New York Jets fan and I AM projecting a halfway decent season this year...

My slogan is More Than 4 because we won 4 games last year! Wooo! 4 games out of a 16 game season! Yeah NEW YORK JETS! WOOO!! Move over Namath, Kellen Clemens is here! To quote the biggest Jets fan I know, Joe Beningo of WFAN..."OH THE PAIN!"

Ok, I will break down every game the Jets will be playing in this EAGERLY anticipated season for the Green and White...

Week one against the Dolphins in Miami
: If theres one NFL team that is worse than the Jets its the Miami Dolphins. "'cause when you say Miami, you're saying Super Bowl!" God, when did they write that song? 1972?! I mean seriously. The Dolphins are now the laughingstocks of the league! Even the Jets laugh at the Dolphins! I cant wait to see Vernon Ghoulston tear through Jake Long and sack John Beck on opening day...Jets 28- Dolphins 7...

Week two against the Cheatriots, er, Patriots at the Meadowlands
: Well, they lost to the Giants in awesome fashion but the "choking cheaters" from Beantown are still far and away better than the Jets and even though I will hopefully be in attendance (Michael, my season ticket carrying friend, this is a SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE to you!) it will be to watch the Patriots roll...35-14...but hey, Fireman Ed will be back!

Week three against San Diego Chargers in San Diego: San Diego Super Chargers are still way better than the Jets...once again...21-7...but we keep it close until they pull away in the fourth with a Tomlinson touchdown run.

Week four against the Arizona Cardinals at the Meadowlands: Arizona sucks...Matt Lienart is my boy from 'SC but outside of him (and Deuce Latui) the team blows...in fact Lienart has sucked since leaving 'SC...the breasts will be shown at Gate D in excitement as the Jets win at home in a close one 20-16.

Week six (following a bye week) against the Cincinnati Bengals at the Meadowlands:
Its Boomer Bowl! Boomer Esiason's first team for which he shined against a team he wasted two years playing for...the Jets are playing their second straight former 'SC quarterback when they play Carson Palmer. I would love to see Vernon Ghoulston sack him on his ass and Kerry Rhodes to pick him off at least once. Cincy has no defense and hopefully Thomas Jones can run all over them. Jets win their second straight (A TWO GAME WINNING STREAK! HOLY SHIT! IT IS POSSIBLE!) and win Boomer Bowl (BOOMER!!!) 28-14

Week seven against the Oakland Raiders in Oakland:
The Raiders arent very good but they have Run DMC and JaMarcus Russell and real good young talent so they could be deadly, but I say we pull out a close one...17-14 as Mike Nugent kicks a 35 yard field goal with about :20 seconds left for the third straight New York Jets victory! (4-2 at this point)

Week eight against the Chiefs at the Meadowlands: The Chiefs had an AMAZING draft, but they dont have a QB...it will be close again, but I got us winning 16-14 with Nugent getting another winner with about a minute to play. Make it four straight wins for Gang Green! (5-2)

Week nine against the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo: Buffalo normally plays the Jets really well and will win against them more often than not...but this year the Jets are better. Who's Buffalo's QB, JP Lossman? Trent Edwards? I realize our QB's arent exactly, what you would call, good, but with an improved offensive line the Jets QB problem wont look like a problem. Jets win 17-7... (6-2)

Week ten against the STL Rams at the Meadowlands
: The two best defensive players in April's draft come together, Chris Long and Vernon Ghoulston. Long is good but the Rams are not. Bulger is good but who are his weapons? Stephen Jackson was a fantasy bust, Holt and Bruce both are old, there is no D outside of Long. Jets win 21-7...

Week eleven against the New England Patriots in Foxboro: Thursday night football in Foxboro! And once again the Pats are better than the Jets and win 28-14...ending the Jets 6 game winning streak (7-3)

Week twelve against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville
: A playoff team in Tennessee against a rebuilding team in the Jets...Titans win 28-21 on a last minute touchdown run by Vince Young...(7-4)

Week thirteen against the Broncos at the Meadowlands
: A similar team to the Jets, but a better team at that...Cutler is better than Kellen or Chad, and will Cut(ler) up the defense...Broncos win 28-7 (7-5 record) and make it 3 straight losses! Oh no!

Week fourteen against the Niners in San Francisco: Alex Smith is a joke...Jets win 21-3 to end the losing streak (8-5)

Week fifteen against the Bills at the Meadowlands:
We beat Buffalo once again but its slightly closer this time...20-17 (9-5)

Week sixteen against the Seahawks in Seattle: This is why the NFL sucks...why go to Oakland, come back, then go to San Francisco, and then BACK TO FUCKING SEATTLE! Its Bullshit...the 'Hawks are without Alexander but the team still has one of the best in Matt Hasslebeck and shall defeat the Jets 35-17...(10-6)...making the game against the Dolphins a win and your in game...how did I come to that conclusion?

Week seventeen against the Dolphins at the Meadowlands: Both New York teams will be in the playoffs (I also think the G-Men will make the playoffs)...Jets win over the Dolphins 21-7 and similar to 2006 when we beat Oakland to get in the Jets make it again in Week 17 at the Meadowlands...final record: 10-6 and a wild card berth. Pats go 13-3 and win the division easily.

What happens in the playoffs? Thats up to you!

Go Jets!

-The Angry Young Man
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