Posted on: July 18, 2008 2:17 pm

The New York Metropolitans are Rolling!

10 straight wins for the orange and blue...

if things keep up they should be in the playoffs...

now if only the Yankees could get going!
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Posted on: July 7, 2008 7:08 pm

Which New York team will win a Championship next?

At the begining of the year the New York Giants shocked the world and STOMPED OUT the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl 42...two days later the Mets traded for Johan Santana and appeared to be heading for the World Series...however it hasnt worked out that way so far this year. With the state of the other New York teams in question its looking like it will be a long time before another New York team takes the title...lets break it down, shall we, sport by sport, starting with the NHL:

New York Rangers: As a diehard, lifelong Rangers fan I'm proud to say we've made the playoffs 3 straight years after a 7 year drought...however two of the keys from those teams have left during free agency this year (Jagr and Avery)...luckily the Penguins, our top competition I feel for the Atlantic lost a lot this offseason too and didnt add much. However, we added Redden, despite overpaying, Nasland was a nice signing...sometimes players get better in a bigger spotlight like New York. Which leads me to Zhredev, who we got for Tutyin and Backman. What a steal this guy was. Woo! He was in Rick Nash's shadow all his career and now he's getting a chance to sign. Thats why I say, with all the pieces in place the Rangers could be the next team from NY to win a championship...yeah...RANGERS BABY RANGERS!

New York Asslanders, er, Islanders: They're never winning another cup...the 80's are long gone. They have no fans and might as well relocate to Hamilton. The only thing keeping them afloat is DP and as all of us Rangers fans know, Potvin Sucks and DP Swallows.

New Jersey Devils: They're always tough...they never die as long as Lamarillo is the head and Marty is in goal. But they're from JERSEY and they DONT COUNT in this race! Plus, they're getting old and I'm convinced at least one other team from the Tri State area will win a title before these pussies from Jersey.

Ok, on to Major League Baseball and our two disgracefully awful teams:

New York Mets: The team they have right now will NEVER win a title together. They cant get along. I'm convinced Manuel is a joke.
Delgado is old. Beltran, Reyes, and Wright cant do it on their own. Ryan Church and Moises Alou get injured EVERY OTHER DAY! Castillo stinks! Pedro is old! BUT there is some good news Mets fans! You play in the NL which is significantly less tough than the AL. Talent wise you have one of the best teams in the NL which keeps you afloat. But no teams win on paper...maybe you'll win a pennant someday but then you will have your ass handed to you by the AL team.

New York Yankees: I'm going to sound like the ultimate homer, because I am a Yankees fan and always have been, but I think (not this year, but soon) we will win a title. There is young talent on this team that is good like Joba and we havent really seen Hughes or Kennedy. I like Gardner so far...he just needs to hit a little bit more. Dont forget the veterans, because there are a lot of them. Jeter is the leader and captain, A-Rod of course is the best player in baseball, Damon, Matsui, etc. I like our chances maybe if Hughes, Kennedy, and Joba mature in to top starters. But thats a big IF. IF that happens I could see us being champs again in a few years...

To the NFL:

New York Jets: The Jets are young and fun to watch at every position...except QB...which is their downfall...you cant win with Chad Pennington who sucks or Kellen Clemens who's even worse. If Eric Ainge works out, the kid they drafted in April, they could have a solid QB who has a good team to work with. Not to mention they have probably the second best coach in the city (after Coughlin) in Mangenious but remember, they are the Jets and they always find a way to FUCK IT UP YEAR AFTER YEAR SOME HOW! They're either really good, make the playoffs and choke there, or are just really awful and Jets fans are chanting Just-End-The-Season instead of J-E-T-S...we'll see with these guys.

New York Giants: Could the LAST New York team to win a championship be the NEXT New York team to win a championship? I think so...it is possible. The old regime was a mess for the Giants. There was not much they did right. So far, Jerry Reese the Giants GM has done more right than Ernie Accorsi ever did. I love Kenny Phillips who they got in the draft, Mario Manningham adds depth at reciever, Terrell Thomas at CB. They get the draft better than anybody. Dont forget the players who are currently here too...Jeremy Shockey is back (booo!) Plaxico Burress is a top 5 Wide Reciever in my opinion, and Eli Manning might still be on a high from his amazing Super Bowl performance. Toomer is back. Osi, Tuck, Kiwanuka is coming back from injury, Pierce, Aaron Ross, etc. The Giants are a playoff team despite being in a tough division. They could be the next team to win a title in New York...

and...finally...the NBA in NYC:

New York Knicks: Never...Gallinardi is nice...but we're never winning a title....again....on to the Nets...

New Jersey Nets: If they get Lebron in 2010 maybe...but probably not likely...

Ok my final verdict...the next NY team to win a championship will be...


Posted on: June 27, 2008 8:56 am

Is the Subway Series a big deal?

Not to me!

I am going to the game today but to me its just another game. Its not crosstown bragging rights or anything like that, its just Yankees/Mets. Its apparently vital to a lot of fans but not to me. It doesnt mean jack shit to me as long as I go to the Stadium, eat a hot dog , drink some lemonade, and watch the Yankees win!

Plus we officially ended any debate in who wins in the rivalry in 2000 when we beat them in 5 to win our 3rd straight title, 4th in 5 years, and continued the dynasty.

That pretty much ended any debate. The Yankees are better than the Mets and will be until they beat US in the World Series...its just another game to me.
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