Posted on: July 18, 2008 2:30 pm

What the Yankees MUST do to make the playoffs!

Playoffs?? PLAYOFFS?! Dont talk about...PLAYOFFS?!!

Anyway, Richie Sexson sucks...he's become our second guaranteed out after Jose Molina from now on! Maybe third after Brett Gardner, or fourth after Melky Cabrera...

I got a feeling that Tampa's gonna come back down to earth a little bit but still keep enough pace with the Red Sox and Yankees to keep things interesting. The good news is this opens a door for the Yankees! If we get a solid pitcher (all the superstars like Harden and Sabathia are gone) like a Randy Wolf maybe or even Erik Berdard I hear is available, we have a solid staff once again. If Wang comes back healthy, we have a great staff. If Carl Pavano comes back healthy...hahahahahahahahahaha, rofl, like thats gonna happen!

Derek Jeter needs to start being a consistant hitter this year. He keeps grounding into Double Plays! All over the bloody place! Step up as a leader Derek! For the love of god!

Giambi, A-Rod, and Abreu need to continue to do their thing. Posada needs to get going. WE MUST GET AT LEAST Johnny Damon BACK! If we get Matsui back its a blessing! Johnny Damon must come back! This team cannot survive with Brett Gardner! We can live with Melky, NOT GARDNER!

If all this happens, we're in and the last game isnt on September 21st! 
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