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Posted on: July 17, 2008 11:41 am

Good News for the Islanders....

The tables have turned on the Islanders...their fans chant when they score "HEY! YOU SUCK!" well, guess what Islanders fans..."HEY! YOU SUCK!"

BUT...there is some good news for those of you who "ride your tractors to the game" (Good ol' Schmoozer)...you suck and you have Kyle Okposo and Josh Bailey. Two young players, two very good young players and if you do as you are supposed to and have the worst record in the NHL (like I and most other analysts think you will) John Tavares is all yours! Dont forget you have DP, who is world class and BETTER GET THE US THE GOLD IN 2010...so there you have it. Maybe you do have a future...all you gotta do is suck. this year.
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