Posted on: August 10, 2008 4:49 pm

EPL preview...for those who care

1. Liverpool FC:  Its our time! After 19 long years, Liverpool will be champions this year. I'm convinced.Keane is 7, Gerrard is 8, Torres is 9, its a perfect match! Its going to be one hell of a year. Rafa's got the talent, now its up to him to do the job. And dont forget, Gareth Barry is still an option. I might be making my first trip to Anfield after years of loving this team, and I think its the best time to do it. We have a championship team. I think this is honestly the best all around Liverpool team since the end of the 80's. Even better than the (technical) Treble team in '01, and the Euro team of '05. Look for Liverpool not only to win the league but to win Europe as well.

2. Manchester United: 
Manchester United is interesting. They have the good mix of youth (Rooney, Ronaldo, Nani, Anderson, etc.) and Veteran presence (Neville, Rio, Giggsy) but I think even they're sick of themselves. Every year they win something, give someone else a freakin' chance Man U. When was the last time you saw a team like Spurs, or Everton, or even LIVERPOOL (my Reds), win the league?? Its because United owns the world. Its Liverpool's time.

3. Chelsea: Chelsea have improved big time this offseason. They kept Drogba and Frank Lampard and also added Deco,  and Ivanović. Scolari is a good hire. Avram Grant had no personality managing a team in a city that needs their managers to have personality. Not only does Scolari have personality, he's a good manager. He managed some of the world's best in Portugal. He's gotta manage one of the worlds most popular teams with many clashing superstars where some fit in (Terry, Lampard, Drogba, the core) and some dont (Ballack, Sheva). Good luck! This will hold Chelsea back and probably drop them to third.

4. Tottenham Hotspur:  
Thats right! Not Arsenal! Its Tottenham Hotspur, baby! They got rid of good players (KEANO!!!! and Paul Robinson) but they kept one of my favorite players in Dimitar Berbatov, they added a fantastic keeper IMO in Gomes, and they got Modric and Dos Santos over all the slightly bigger clubs. In contrast, Arsenal lost a good part of their team. Its Spurs turn to finally join the top 4.

5. Arsenal:
They're not bad. They're still one of the best teams. But they lost Hleb and Lehman and are a fairly young side. They got the gifted Welshman in Ramsey and Theo and of course Fabregas but its not enough for Arsenal this year. Spurs are better.

6. Portsmouth: The defending FA Cup winners are the leagues most underrated team because they play down south and have little money and few fans but they got some legit talent. I think this will be their breakout year now that Crouch is in the Portsmouth fold. He will make a huge difference and they will have a good season with him, Sol, DJ, and the rest of this solid team.
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Posted on: August 3, 2008 11:53 am

ballpark tour

I've never mentioned it here but for the last 4 years my Dad and I have been touring the ballparks of America and North America and we are down to the Final 3 (5 if you include the new Busch Stadium and Nationals Park, 7 if you include the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in our hometown of New York). I'm going to tell you what we think of every park:


1. Yankee Stadium: We're Yankees fans so were biased and we go here 10-15 times a year but this is the classic ballpark. So much history. So many great moments. The best fans in baseball in the best city in the world. So much history has happened here. However, its a little outdated so its good to know were getting a new stadium next year. But you think of the legends who have played here, from Ruth and Gehrig to Bernie and Jeter. This is the hallowed grounds of baseball.

2. Shea Stadium: I like the Mets. I'm not a Mets fan but I like watching the Mets. I hate Shea. Its a dump. I think most Mets fans feel that way too. There is no charm to this place. Its purple...PURPLE! Its next door to LaGuardia! Theres a HOME RUN APPLE in Center Field! The bathrooms have 1 stalls, and 2 urinals! The food is...actually OK. The rest stinks though. It leaks even when it doesnt rain! Mets fans are good fans though. They can be a little whiny but whatever, they're good fans because they're New Yorkers and New Yorkers appreciate good baseball. Some good things have happened here: Mets winning the 1969 World Series, Bill Buckner and 2 nights later Game 7 triumph in 1986, Robin Ventura's Grand Slam Single, the 2000 World Series (woo!), Endy Chavez amazing catch. Its not like its all bad.

3. Fenway Park: This is probably the second most historic ballpark and as much as we hate the Sox we love their ballpark. The Green Monster is an American landmark. Its one of the coolest things in sports. I characterize Red Sox fans in two ways: the drunk Irish idiot or the real baseball fan. The real baseball Red Sox fan is among the best in baseball.  The drunk who chants "Yankees Suck" is not. Food at Fenway is average outside of the Fenway Frank which is awesome. The Red Sox are a historic team but if you think about it not much history has happened at Fenway because the Red Sox two most recent World Series titles (2004, ugh, and 2007) have been won on the road in Colorado and St. Louis. I love the city of Boston too. Its a great small little city and a good sports town. They love the Sox but the Celtics and Pats are big too. Even the Bruins and Revolution have fans.

4. Citizens Bank Park: Amazing. What a place. Its small, but man its got amenities. Its probably the only place where you can talk to Phillies legend Greg Luzinski and carry on a legitimate conversation. The Bull's pulled pork sandwhich is awesome. Probably the best food I've had so far on the tour. My dad said the same thing about his Turkey Leg. Phillies fans suck however. Its a football town. They chanted "E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!" when the Phillies were losing. When the Yankees are losing we dont chant "J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!" or "LETS GO Giants!" Especially when football season isnt for two months! They werent into the game even when Philly had a chance to win. Philly is a good town. The cheesesteak is the best thing to happen to food. Go to Pats. Geno's sucks.

more to come, thats just the northeast!!

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Posted on: July 18, 2008 2:30 pm

What the Yankees MUST do to make the playoffs!

Playoffs?? PLAYOFFS?! Dont talk about...PLAYOFFS?!!

Anyway, Richie Sexson sucks...he's become our second guaranteed out after Jose Molina from now on! Maybe third after Brett Gardner, or fourth after Melky Cabrera...

I got a feeling that Tampa's gonna come back down to earth a little bit but still keep enough pace with the Red Sox and Yankees to keep things interesting. The good news is this opens a door for the Yankees! If we get a solid pitcher (all the superstars like Harden and Sabathia are gone) like a Randy Wolf maybe or even Erik Berdard I hear is available, we have a solid staff once again. If Wang comes back healthy, we have a great staff. If Carl Pavano comes back healthy...hahahahahahahahahaha, rofl, like thats gonna happen!

Derek Jeter needs to start being a consistant hitter this year. He keeps grounding into Double Plays! All over the bloody place! Step up as a leader Derek! For the love of god!

Giambi, A-Rod, and Abreu need to continue to do their thing. Posada needs to get going. WE MUST GET AT LEAST Johnny Damon BACK! If we get Matsui back its a blessing! Johnny Damon must come back! This team cannot survive with Brett Gardner! We can live with Melky, NOT GARDNER!

If all this happens, we're in and the last game isnt on September 21st! 
Posted on: July 18, 2008 2:17 pm

The New York Metropolitans are Rolling!

10 straight wins for the orange and blue...

if things keep up they should be in the playoffs...

now if only the Yankees could get going!
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Posted on: July 17, 2008 11:41 am

Good News for the Islanders....

The tables have turned on the Islanders...their fans chant when they score "HEY! YOU SUCK!" well, guess what Islanders fans..."HEY! YOU SUCK!"

BUT...there is some good news for those of you who "ride your tractors to the game" (Good ol' Schmoozer) suck and you have Kyle Okposo and Josh Bailey. Two young players, two very good young players and if you do as you are supposed to and have the worst record in the NHL (like I and most other analysts think you will) John Tavares is all yours! Dont forget you have DP, who is world class and BETTER GET THE US THE GOLD IN there you have it. Maybe you do have a future...all you gotta do is suck. this year.
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Posted on: July 13, 2008 2:33 pm

Nobody is talking about the Tour De France

And for good reason...Lance Armstrong is cool I guess, but Cycling blows. I just got my license a week and a half ago and I already hate these motherfucking wankers on the fucking road in their stupid ass outfits on their bikes. I just want to run these motherfuckers over! And I'm not kidding!!!!

BTW, who else loves the word wanker? I once called a Boston fan a Wanker and he had no response for it! Americans can be way too fucking stupid some times!
Posted on: July 12, 2008 9:54 pm

Why New York is the greatest sports city!

Top 10 reasons:

1. The Two football teams dont even PLAY in NEW YORK YET WE STILL DRIVE (Or take the Bus as I do to Jets games) MILES OUT WASTING GAS TO SEE THE JETS AND GIANTS!

2. David Tyree and Eli Manning can pretty much retire right now

3. The Yankees can win 95 games, the division, and still have a bad year.

4. The Rangers can make it to the second round of the playoffs (for the SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR) and still have a bad year!

5. "Potvin Sucks", "Fire Isiah", "1918", "18-1", "Joe Must Go", "We Want Fishsticks", "Crackhead Theo", etc.

6. Fireman Ed is fucking crazy!

7. Dancin' Larry is fucking crazy!

8. The Bleachers Creatures are fucking crazy!

9. The fact that EVERYBODY hates Boston, Boston fans, and Boston teams and can unite when a team in the city is facing a team from Boston (EX: Rangers in 1972, Mets in 1986, Giants in 2008)

10. Everybody hates us!
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Posted on: July 12, 2008 9:25 pm

RIP Bobby Murcer

The nicest man to ever wear the Pinstripes...

RIP Bobby
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